Last week, the maintainers team held again a video conferencing for the project public demonstrations session, streamed live on YouTube.

The second Public open source demonstrations setup

This was our second attempt to this type of meeting, in English.

After exploring the different setups and tools capacities to host this event, we found that a suitable solution would be to host the session on Jitsi while streaming the video into a YouTube channel.

This setup was a compromise between the capacities of the tools, the quality of the video and the flexibility for maintainers.

Attendees were able to ask questions in the chat that could be read and answered live. The streaming event has been recorded by YouTube and can be watched by the people who could not attend to the live stream.

This session agenda

The session agenda was as follows:

  • 00:00 Waiting for everybody to join
  • 02:34 Beginning of the session, introduction
  • 04:48 Presentation of the agenda
  • 05:23 Event rules
  • 06:12 Project announcements
  • 07:19 First demonstration - Product Page BO architecture by @jolelievre
  • 33:39 Second demonstration - Multiple fixes for upgrade from PS 1.6 to PS 1.7.7 by @atomiix
  • 45:40 Questions & Answers
  • 54:08 Closure

You can use the timestamps to jump directly to the parts you want to watch.

Watch the replay on YouTube

Next session in March

The next session of public PrestaShop open source demonstrations will happen in end of March. We’ll communicate as soon as the time and day are decided.

Note: we have noticed that some of the slides being used in the event were very slow to be loaded, this issue seems to be related to the use of Google Chrome while sharing the screen on Jitsi and streaming to YouTube. Our apologies for the issue, we will make sure to fix it for next time.