Each month we’ve been presenting the top contributors to our translation project on Crowdin, in the “Do you Speak PrestaShop?” reports. It’s nice, interesting and all… but we wanted to do more! The people behind PrestaShop translations deserve a real tribute. When you think about it, translators are the ones who, thanks to their hard work, make it possible for PrestaShop to reach new countries, and for merchants to sell cross-border. It’s HUGE!

Highlighting the translators’ involvement

Until now, with the monthly reports, we publish a top 10 of the most active translators each month. We think it’s better to give you the big picture. We started tracking the number of words translated, to see how it evolved. Translators are contributing continuously, word by word, string by string, to PrestaShop.

So here it is, you can view the ranking of top translators, and see how much they contributed to PrestaShop! Let’s thank them for their dedication!

Visit the translators page

What’s this all about?

The translators page is divided into two major sections:

  • The ranking of top translators
  • The language progression

With the underlying idea to give visibility to the community of translators, and show what these contributions mean: it’s more and more languages for PrestaShop merchants. That’s the magic of open-source!

Top translators

The ranking of translators displays the top translators based on the number of words translated, starting from the 1st of July (that’s about when we opened the translation project for the 1.7 version).

Translators are ranked according to the following categories:

Words translated Level
500-2,500 Traveller
2500-5000 Backpacker
5000-8500 Adventurer
8,500-20000 Explorer
> 20,000 Pioneer

Check out the translator’s page to see in which category you are!

Are you a top translator? Then you might want to add a link to your website, your Github account or your twitter account. Contact us with the information you’d like to share with the world!

PrestaShop translators

Ongoing translations

Below the ranking of translators, you’ll see the ongoing translations, as available on our Crowdin project. To let you know about the languages that are still being completed, and to show you how it evolves.

Remember, the PrestaShop translation project is open to anyone, so don’t hesitate to join if you are a polyglot!


The translator page is updated every Monday so you can see the evolution on a weekly basis.

What do you think? Any feedback or question? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Visit the translators page