PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release has seen 1 pull requests since version (released on October 26th).

Continuing on our promise to support 1.6 with patch releases until October 2018, we are happy to deliver this new version and to continue making sure that 1.6 remains stable and safe for PrestaShop merchants.

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Important information about this version

This maintenance release is focused on a single issue: the fact that recent or forthcoming browser updates (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) remove the ability to make synchronous XMLHttpRequest calls – making it impossible to create or edit a product in all versions of PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6.

While this problematic behavior is not a bug from PrestaShop but a design decision from the W3C/WHATWG standards bodies (applied by browser vendors after time of deprecation), all PrestaShop merchants might witness issues once their browser auto-updates to a version that removes this feature.

This version fixes this issue.

Working together

The PrestaShop Core team has been working publicly on this issue: here is the Forge ticket, and here is the pull request. Thanks the help and feedback of several community members, we can finally release this version with the certainty that it fixes the issue.
A big “thank you!” to Mickaël Decker (@firstred) who follows our changes, tests them, and helped us until very late in the evenings to fix the issue.

Addons contributors, make sure that your modules and themes DO NOT make use of synchronous XHR calls! Learn how here!

Upgrade now!

Don’t want to upgrade to

The fixes imply several files, so we cannot just give one file to update. Fixing your store will have to be done manually, file per file.

As the pull request shows, you will have to change 9 files:

  • admin-dev/themes/default/template/controllers/products/helpers/form/form.tpl
  • admin-dev/themes/default/template/controllers/products/helpers/tree/tree_associated_categories.tpl
  • admin-dev/themes/default/template/helpers/tree/tree_toolbar_search.tpl
  • classes/tree/Tree.php
  • classes/tree/TreeToolbarSearch.php
  • classes/tree/TreeToolbarSearchCategories.php
  • js/admin/products.js
  • js/admin/
  • js/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js

Here is a safe process to fix your store:

  1. Make a (local) copy of all these files, in order to revert back to them if you make a mistake. For instance, add “_original” to the name of the copies.
  2. Open the original files one by one, remove and/or add lines as indicated by GitHub.
  3. Upload them all (changed files and original files) in their respective folders.
  4. Test your store.

Is it fixed? Great! If not, you can get back to the original state:

  1. Rename the changed files: add “_changed” to the name of the files.
  2. Restore the original files: remove “_original” from the name of the files.
  3. Test your store.
  4. Try again to manually edit the files.

If all fails, we advise you to upgrade to

If currently using 1.5, we will soon have more information for you. Until then, you should be able to have your Product Creation page work again by installing Chrome 53 and setting it to not make automatic upgrades.
Please understand that v1.5 is not supported anymore, and that, while we will do our best to help you, we do advise you to upgrade to at least 1.6.

The usual

As the version number indicates (as per our SemVer-like versioning), this is the 9th patch release for PrestaShop

As usual, if you are currently running promotions leading to high traffic on your website, we recommend that you wait for the promotion to end before attempting any upgrade and technical change to your store.

We hope you enjoy this new release!


Let’s go, upgrade your store(s)! Upgrading from is completely safe, upgrades from a standard 1.6.0.x version should work just as well, and those upgrading from version 1.5, 1.4 or even 1.3 should take their time and pay attention to their modules, their theme and their custom modifications!