A few weeks after the beta, the first release candidate for PrestaShop is now ready for you to test!

This is the last step before releasing the final The aim of this version is to verify that all regressions found during the beta have been fixed, and that no new ones are reported by the community users. If nothing is reported by December 17, then the final version of will be made available.

Please note that it is not currently possible to perform an automatic upgrade from the Beta to the Release Candidate. And, it will not be possible either to upgrade from this Release Candidate to the final release.

Go download and install this RC version as a test store, either on your machine or your web hosting, then play with it – and give us your feedback! We need YOU to test this new version of PrestaShop.

Remember, this release candidate version is pre release software. Do not use it on your production shop!

New in the release candidate

Clear cache on module action

PrestaShop now clears the symfony cache when an action is performed on a module (install, uninstall, enable, …) This is necessary because modules can now use Symfony routing and services, so we need to clear the cache if we want these services/routing to be updated.


44 pull requests from 14 developers have been merge since the beta release. Read the Changelog for details.

A total of 130 issues have been fixed for the milestone.

News & improvements already announced in the beta release


  • SEO improvements in category page:
    • The first page no longer has a duplicate URL with &page=1
    • The category block is no longer displayed after the first page
    • Improved default URLs for brands & suppliers (now are /brand/123-somebrand and /supplier/123-mysupplier instead of /123_somebrand and /123__mysupplier)
  • Product page:
    • Specific prices can now be edited
    • The SEO section now displays a preview so that you can see how your page would be shown in Google results
    • When a product is taken offline, by default visitors will be redirected to the product’s main category, instead of a “Not found” page.
    • A “stock location” field has been added
  • New module manager page with new categorization (Addons categories) and ability to manage modules by last use
  • Improved style for migrated forms


  • UX improvements on Module pages
  • Helper card in SEO & URL page

New & fixed modules

  • The google sitemap module is now available for PrestaShop 1.7
  • Favicon notifications in Back Office (native module)
  • Buy Button Lite (native module)
  • Cross selling module (native)
  • Viewed products (native)


  • During install, if there is a more recent stable version of PrestaShop available, it will suggest and allow downloading and installing the latest instead
  • New languages in installer:
    • Hindi
    • Bosnian
    • Mexican Spanish
    • Latvian
    • Galician
    • Arabic

The technical side

Symfony migration

Newly migrated pages:

  • Orders -> Delivery slips
  • Orders -> Invoices
  • Design -> Theme Catalog
  • Design -> Positions
  • Shipping -> Preferences
  • Payment -> Payment Methods
  • Payment -> Preferences
  • International -> Localization -> Localization
  • International -> Localization -> Geolocation
  • International -> Translations (Page 1 out of 2)
  • Shop Parameters -> Order Settings -> Order Settings
  • Shop parameters > Traffic & SEO > SEO & URLs
  • Advanced Parameters -> Database -> DB Backup
  • Advanced Parameters > Webservice (hidden, because the page “Advanced Parameters > Webservice -> Add key” has not been migrated and it does not make UX sense to have only one of them)
  • Advanced Parameters -> Logs
  • Advanced parameters -> Email


Components and dependencies

New hooks

  • action{GridId}GridQueryBuilderModifier
  • action{GridId}GridDefinitionModifier
  • action{GridId}GridDataModifier
  • action{GridId}GridFilterFormModifier
  • action{GridId}GridPresenterModifier
  • actionFrontControllerSetVariables

The developer documentation includes a description of hooks.


You can download PrestaShop 1.7.5 RC here:

Download PrestaShop RC now!

How to help finish the 1.7.5

Your help will be very appreciated to finish the work on PrestaShop 1.7.5. Even if you are not a developer, your feedback has a lot of value.

You can:

If everything is working well, comment this article to tell us, and share on social networks, we also need this feedback ;-)