You’ve all been very active in testing the previous Release Candidate - thank you very much for your feedback, both on the forums and on the Forge!

We heard your feeback and we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and improving things.

Release Candidate 5

You were waiting for it, here is the latest Release Candidate version! It’s time to download and test PrestaShop RC5.

As you understood, this version is mostly about the bugs you’ve reported. If you did report some bugs on the RC4, please test this new version and let us know how it behaves (smoothly, I’m sure). You can [see all the new commits here].

For new comers, you’ll find more about the previous versions and their novelties in our past articles: PrestaShop RC3 and PrestaShop RC4.

With PrestaShop, the focus is chiefly on:

This is what you should concentrate on when testing this last RC version.

Other areas you might want to check:

  • Installer.
  • 1-click update module.
  • Importer, particularly in multilingual contexts.
  • Multistore.
  • Cart rules and Catalog Price Rules, along with the Ecotax.

How to best test this RC5

Be reminded, this is still a TEST VERSION!

Do NOT update your real store with it. Version RC5 is not marked as production ready, so if you do, do it at your own risk.

If you want to really test the thing, make a copy of your real store and update that copy to RC5. Then, do the whole process of adding a product, buying a product, installing a theme, changing settings, etc. You know the story!

If you think you’ve found a bug/issue, you can let us know about it on the Forge, PrestaShop’s bug-tracker. Make sure to present the steps to reproduce the bug/issue! Read this page for more information on how to use the Forge, especially the last part, “Best practices for writing an issue”.

If you are a developer and you know how to fix an issue, open a Pull Request on PrestaShop’s GitHub page, on the 1.6 branch (NOT the master branch)! And remember to read these:

Thanks again for your help!

Test PrestaShop RC5

Release date for PrestaShop

At last, we’re in the final stages! All the major/blocking issues are fixed, all the new features are working!

We are shooting for a release on July 2nd.

Yes, that means this Thursday.

So, this is the last run of tests, and your last chance to become a contributor to this new major version of PrestaShop :) Come help us review tickets, tests fixes, or even fix issues yourself!

Thank you for your help!