Three weeks ago we released PrestaShop alpha 3. Since then, and with the help of the community, we’ve been working on it to fix the bugs you’ve reported and to keep improving this new version. We’re now releasing PrestaShop alpha 4 version, so we can keep gathering feedback and make sure that the final and stable version will be the best it can be!

Let’s insist on this: this is NOT the stable version of PS 1.7, and IT SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION. Do not create a new store with this alpha version, it is by definition not finished yet.

You SHOULD however install this alpha version as a test store, either on your machine or your web hosting, and play with it – and give us your feedback!

The release date for the stable version is not yet set, so you have a few weeks and beta/RC versions ahead of you!

Test PrestaShop alpha 4

How to give feedback

Have you found a bug? A curious behavior? An unexpected reaction? Let us know! Create a ticket on the 1.7 Forge project, and give us as much details as possible!

Please note that we are not looking for feedback on the overall technical or design choices: Symfony2, the new theming system, the back office design and other global aspects of 1.7 are pretty much set in stone. However, do let us know about bugs or possible improvements!

Updates since alpha 3

You’ll find more details about the previous alpha 3 in this previous article.

Here are the main improvements this new alpha version brings:

Front office

Back office

  • TinyMCE improvements on style and loading perfs #5420 by @tchauviere
  • Added a feature to be able to remove birthdate in subscription form #5343. Thank you @firstred!

Product page

Modules page


This alpha 4 version was made possible by the hard work of the PrestaShop Core Team, with additional commits by the following contributors: @firstred (responsible for no less than 8 contributions already accepted the last 3 weeks, thank you!), @paeddl and @shepherdv8. Thank you!

What’s (still) in progress

Remember that this is alpha 4: a lot of things are not ready yet, or are ready but not yet available.

We tried to gather the most important ones, so you have a clear idea of what still needs to be implemented. All of this will eventually be fixed for the stable version – and you can help with pull-requests on GitHub, and feedback of your tests!


  • If your web hosting uses PHP-FPM, some links (and images) will not work.
  • Multistore & Advanced Stock Management aren’t yet connected to the Create a Product Page.
  • The header and navigation can vary (slightly) between pages.
  • Employees permissions are not yet suited for the new navigation in place
  • If a problem occurs while uploading a theme, we may not be able to tell you why currently :) In effect, errors and warnings are not fully set yet. And in any case, your 1.5-1.6 theme will NOT work with the new theme system.

Front office

  • Some links may be broken during your navigation on the shop

Back office

  • Some images are broken for now, some buttons and tab could behave in a weird way, and you might stumble on other weird artefacts. We know about this, and they will all be fixed in time.
  • We’re still working on the responsiveness of the back-office, and 13” screens could particularly be affected.

Modules page

  • We’re improving the modules discovery page: better sorting, more information, reworked categories, etc.


  • Interface copywriting is not final yet. Some parts need to be written, others are waiting for a rewrite and others are in proofreading.
  • Default products are still the ones used in version 1.6. Version 1.7 should have a brand new set of products.
  • Translations are on hold for now while we’re working on improving the system: the interface is only in English for now.


  • Contextual help still displays 1.6 documentation as we’re updating it to 1.7. Expect it to be final during our RC period.
  • Technical documentation for modules & themes should follow the same timeline.

Final note!

So cheers for the second public glance at the brand new 1.7, made with <3 by our team and our wonderful Community. It’s not fully baked yet, but we’re very proud of the work done.

Test PrestaShop alpha 4

We’ll closely monitor your feedback and are eager to hear from you!

Happy testing!