Summer is here (for most of you) and you have finally the spare time you need to involve where you want to? Excellent! Here is our guide to help you picture where to contribute depending on your skills… and will. ;-)

Remember the former contributor’s guide? Well, we reworked it in order to have it up-to-date; new parts have been added, mostly regarding our process, and all the information now null and void has been deleted. It means that you can now refer to this guide and be sure not to get lost.

Download the PDF guide

Among many useful contributing tools, here is a quick introduction to the User Club and the User Voice we reboosted this winter:

User Club

No matter who you are, where you live and how you want to contribute, you should subscribe to our User Club. This club is a way for us to reach out to you when we have questions and would like to get your feedback: we share feature surveys, mockups, designs, etc. It never takes too much time, and it really helps us!

User Voice

PrestaShop is an open source project, and most certainly the e-commerce solution with the highest number of features. A lot of them came to the PrestaShop team through feedback from the users. And this is where the User Voice intervenes: it’s about taking notes of what can make PrestaShop better, be it solving a bug or adding a brand new way of creating a carrier, for instance.

More (tech) ideas

Having the community suggesting enhancements and submitting bug fixes is at the heart of any open source project; this is why PrestaShop’s codebase is available to anyone on GitHub.

Are you a developer? You too can submit code through pull requests. This assumes that you not only have a good knowledge of PHP/Javascript/MySQL but also that you know how to use Git and GitHub.

Finally, we are reworking the tech documentation to have it apart from the user one – indeed, it pertains to different purposes. Here, we want it to be made by dev people for dev people… please welcome DevDocs! Help yourself if you want to make a contribution over there, we will appreciate it a lot.