Contributing to PrestaShop is not only about the code, it’s also about taking part in the PrestaShop translation project! This report tells you how the translations of the software evolved in June.

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Project news


Please welcome the Uzbek translation project! It is our latest addition to Crowdin, open for the first time, so everything is to be done. Want to get involved in it? Just subscribe here and treat yourselves to make this translation project grow bigger and bigger. ;-)

Our translation page is under construction

We all know it, the translation page needs to be reworked. We are testing a new design on its French version to keep things clearer and better for the merchants to understand. Let’s hope it will soon be online. At least with the right content! We also realized we could improve this page with more valuable information, so you can expect a beautiful brand new page in the next few months!

Utopian is back in the game

We introduced Utopian in the February report and let you know the following month that the rewarding platform just suspended the monetizing of translation contribution in order to think about how to better manage this system. Well, good news everybody: it’s back in the game! It is DaVinci Witness that will keep an eye on it with an organization that will slightly differ from the first steps of the program. Want to be part of it? Just read about it here!

A few stats

  • 78 members were active on the project this month.
  • A total of 112,384 words have been translated and 92,316 validated.
  • All this in 34 different languages.

Thank you for your involvement!

Top contributors

A lot of you are working every day on Crowdin to have PrestaShop available in many languages, and we can’t thank you enough for your dedication! Here are the most active translators and proofreaders for June 2018.

Top 10 translators in June:

  Translator Language # Words
1. kristapskr Latvian 36,881
2. SeongHyeon Cho (jaymz9634) Korean 9,643
3. Rijad Osmanovic (rijado) Bosnian, Croatian 7,139
4. Roy (rstvMacRoy) Swedish 5,467
5. EngAhmedWYousif Arabic 3,852
6. diesserr Catalan 3,465
7. Yosef Esses Cohen (ppesses) Spanish, Mexico 3,031
8. AmirRzd Persian 2,454
9. Enzo Ferrara (ferribbotte) Italian 2,438
10. Stanislav Yordanov (StanProg) Bulgarian 2,386

Top 10 proofreaders in June:

  Proofreader Language # Words
1. kristapskr Latvian 38,304
2. Rijad Osmanovic (rijado) Bosnian, Croatian 7,152
3. diesserr Catalan 5,806
4. Patrik Lindblom (extendus) Swedish 5,665
5. Yosef Esses Cohen (ppesses) Spanish, Mexico 2,592
6. AmirRzd Persian 2,519
7. webdvl (megashopba) Slovak, Czech 2,459
8. Enzo Ferrara (ferribbotte) Italian 2,414
9. Stanislav Yordanov (StanProg) Bulgarian 2,390
10. DaoKakao Russian 2,372

Congrats, and welcome to our new top contributors!

Remember, you can see who’s been contributing to our translation project thanks to the Translators page.

Complete translations

Fully translated languages

At the end of June 2018, PrestaShop 1.6.1 was fully available (= 100% translated and validated) in 29 languages:

Bulgarian Croatian Danish Dutch
English Estonian Finnish French
French, Canada German Greek Indonesian
Italian Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian
Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Russian Slovak Slovene
Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian

For its part, PrestaShop 1.7.4 was fully available in 14 languages!

Bulgarian English French French, Canada
Italian Latvian Lithuanian Polish
Persian Russian Slovak Spanish
Swedish Ukrainian    

Languages with the best evolution

In comparison with May 2018, the following languages had the best progress thanks to the translation community:

  • Catalan (+9% to reach 88% approved in 1.7)
  • Korean (+6% to reach 76% translated in 1.7)
  • Filipino (+5% to reach 32% approved in 1.7)

Best translation progress for June 2018

Thanks to all the contributors!

Of course, this is highlighting the languages that made some progress with new translations; but it doesn’t mean that the languages that aren’t mentioned here aren’t active. Indeed, some editing and rewriting could be going on, but the percentage of translation wouldn’t be modified (since it’s working on strings that are already translated). So let’s not forget about the work of these proofreaders! Thank you too!

Languages that need (more) proofreaders

A translated string will not be available in PrestaShop as long as it is not validated. For this reason, it’s important we should keep a good level of validated strings vs. translated strings, to make sure everyone benefits from the latest translations!

At the end of June 2018, some languages would still benefit from some proofreading:

  • Chinese Simplified (100% translated vs 52% validated in 1.7).
  • Korean (76% vs 32% in 1.7).
  • Spanish, Venezuela (53% vs 15% in 1.7).
  • Galician (94% vs 61% in 1.7).
  • Filipino (53% vs 24% in 1.6).

Languages that need proofreading

If you wish to help to proofread what has been translated, please contact us with the language you’d like to proofread: just send an email to [email protected] We need your help!

If you haven’t joined us on Crowdin yet, it’s never too late!

If you want to gather your fellow translators to work towards a better harmonization, start a glossary, or anything else, do let us know: we’ll include a word about it in the next monthly report.

Do you have a question, a remark? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. See you next month!