This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase during the last three weeks, from Monday 7th to Sunday 27th of August 2017.

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General messages

I hope your holidays went fine! I’m back from a few weeks, and can’t get to get into this second half of 2017, which looks very promising to me ;)

August means a slow months for everyone: there weren’t a lot of merges as many of us were out in the wilderness, but the team still managed to release v1.7.2.1!

Code changes in the ‘develop’ branch (for v1.7.3.0)


  • #8134: Fixed bug in addMissingProductFields that gives array_merge the priority to $rows[0] instead of $rawProduct. Thank you @christianverardi!
  • #8252: Add context in legacy module translation function, by @aleeks.

Back office

Front office

  • #8195: Reintroduced the guest allowance check in FrontController. Thank you @manfield!
  • #8225: Use PS_GUEST_CHECKOUT_ENABLED … only in checkout, by @quetzacoalt91.


Code changes in the ‘1.7.2.x’ branch (for v1.7.2.2)


  • #8138: Fix tax calculation when vat number is used. Thank you @prestamodule!
  • #8210: Fix missing product limit/offset when ordering by price on Sale page, by @jocel1.
  • #8212: Optimize specific price computing by executing the query only when needed, by @jocel1.
  • #8228: Optimise synchronization stock sql, by @aleeks.

Back office

Front office

Code changes in the ‘rtl’ branch (for the 1.7 RTL project)

Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @christianverardi, @danoosh, @manfield, @mehrshadz, @prestamodule, and @ramtin2025!

Thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with tickets and comments on the Forge!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, please read these pages first:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, please read this: How to use the Forge to contribute to PrestaShop. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!