This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase during the last week, from Monday 26th of November to Sunday 2nd of December 2018.

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General messages

Dear Developpers,

In case you missed, PrestaShop has been released yesterday. For merchants, the Christmas and Holiday periods are not the best time to upgrade. If, however, you are writing themes and modules, if you are a developer in an agency, or a freelance, or anyone else concerned about this new version or with the migration, please download it, install it, test it and report feedback ;-)

A quick update about GitHub issues

Last week, 51 new issues have been created in PrestaShop’s core repository, and 12 fixed issues have been closed.

Code changes in the ‘develop’ branch (for v1.7.6.0)


Back office

Front office



  • #9366: Don’t display the system step if mandatory requirements are OK, by @rGaillard

Code changes in the ‘1.7.5.x’ branch (for v1.7.5.0)

Back office

Code changes in the ‘1.6.1.x’ branch (for v1.6.1.24)


Code changes in modules, themes & tools

Buy Button Lite

  • #10: Update module version to 1.0.1. Thank you @Joukz

Auto Upgrade


  • #67: Ajax method renamed to be used in a display context as they should, by @jolelievre

Translation files

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Changes in Documentation

Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @123monsite-regis, @freakstatic, @dheerajwebkul, @dineshbadrukhiya, @Joukz, @Klemart3D, @mafisz, @nenes25, @sarjon, @sete391, @unlocomqx!

Thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with issues and comments on GitHub!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, please read these pages first:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, please read this: How to use GitHub to report an issue. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!