This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase from Monday 23th to Sunday 29th of November 2020.

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General messages

Dear developers,

The past week has seen many major releases for the PHP ecosystem: PHP 8.0, Xdebug 3, Flysystem 2 and multiple versions of Symfony including the last Symfony 3 release: v3.4.47. Symfony 3 now enters Security Support stage where only critical security issues are fixed.

We are immensely proud to announce that PrestaShop was released this week, one more item on this list!

Last week, thanks to the huge work of QA Team, multiples issues had been identified in the Release Candidate and had been fixed. At the start of the week, multiple issues in the upgrade process from previous 1.7 versions to were also identified.

As the ability to upgrade is a major keystone for security and stability, we fixed these upgrade issues in PrestaShop and released a patched version of the Autoupgrade module. If you plan on upgrading your shop to 1.7.7 and your current version is below 1.7.6 you need this version (v4.11.0) of the autoupgrade module.

As usual, it is recommended to be careful before starting to update your website to the latest version:

  • Backup your database and your files
  • Test the update on a testing or pre production server
  • If everything is fine, then update on the production environment

A quick update about PrestaShop’s GitHub issues and pull requests:

Code changes in the ‘develop’ branch


  • #22087: Do not generate the data variable if it’s not needed in PaymentModule, by @PierreRambaud
  • #21582: Mark parameter deprecated for a future version. Thank you @okom3pom

Back office

  • #22090: Remove redundant customization field commands. Thank you @zuk3975
  • #22061: Add select2 to the import localization select, by @NeOMakinG
  • #21345: Refactor UpdateProductSeoHandler to use ProductRepository. Thank you @zuk3975
  • #21336: Refactor UpdateProductPricesHandler to use ProductRepository [product page migration]. Thank you @zuk3975
  • #21103: Introduce UpdateProductStockCommand, by @jolelievre
  • #20518: Add GenerateProductCombinationsCommand. Thank you @zuk3975

Front office


Code changes in the ‘1.7.7.x’ branch


Back office

  • #22013: Handle parallel updates from CartRules when updating a product in Order, by @jolelievre


Code changes in modules, themes & tools

Theme customization module

Customer reassurance block module

Faceted search module

Auto Upgrade module

Core Weekly Generator tool

Changes in developer documentation

  • #818: Wrong path on overrading templates. Thank you @OliverCG
  • #817: Remove GoogleDoc link, replace it with new page links, by @matks
  • #815: Introduce web version of autoupgrade module, by @matks
  • #814: Some formatting improvements and links for Keeping Up To Date section, by @matks
  • #813: Split Upgrade details in 2 pages ; one for module upgrade ; one for manual upgrade, by @matks
  • #812: Better title UIKit section, by @matks
  • #811: Rename file to fix typo in Doctrine multilang url, by @jolelievre
  • #810: Add documentation about Doctrine multi lang entities, by @jolelievre
  • #809: Add “Insert multiple rows” example to Thank you @mikevoid101

Custom text module

OnBoarding module

Check payment module

Product Comments module

Order Notifications on the Favicon module

Docker images

PHP Developer Tools

  • #40: Abort bootstrap if PS_ROOT_DIR is incorrect. Thank you @SebSept

Customer data privacy block module

Catalog statistics module

PrestaShop Specifications

Google Analytics module

  • #77: Fix backoffice JS code, fix doubled and tripled pageviews, fix echo in hook, fix default BO tracking - for versions up to 1.7.6. Thank you @Hlavtox

Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @Julievrz, @dependabot[bot], @PierreRambaud, @matks, @OliverCG, @zuk3975, @jolelievre, @NeOMakinG, @boubkerbribri, @nesrineabdmouleh, @SebSept, @Progi1984, @mikevoid101, @LouiseBonnard, @okom3pom, @Hlavtox!

Thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with issues and comments on GitHub!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, please read these pages first:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, please read this: How to use GitHub to report an issue. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!