Ever felt there were topics that the Build devblog should talk about? Best practices to follow? Here’s your chance!

We’ve always wanted Build to be a community blog: from day one, the page “How to write on this blog” has been available for all to see, and some have taken that opportunity to share their knowledge – most notably through how-tos.

Wanna be part of the credit section? Read on!

What we are looking for

We are looking for original content from the community, and useful to the community.

Build will never be a blog where you can see titles such as “5 themes for the Christmas shopping season”, “Black Friday: 7+1 modules to drive traffic to your shop”, or “12 Ways to improve your SEO (the 11th one is craaaaazy!)”.

Nope. We’d like this blog to feature cool articles that help the community grow as a whole. We are not looking to promote one product (except PrestaShop, of course :) ) nor one software maker.

What we’d like to see the community submit:

  • An expertise on a little-known aspect of PrestaShop.
  • An experiment that went well (or not!), and why.
  • Best practices for module-coding or theme-building.
  • Inspiration for PrestaShop freelancers or agencies.
  • etc.

How to do it?

First and foremost, contact us about your article idea(s)! Write to [email protected] and tell us which story you would like to tell to the Build readership. Once we agree on it, it’s on you to deliver!

Second, Build is managed using GitHub Pages, which uses the Jekyll static site tool – and hence relies on Markdown as its base format. No CMS here: it all happens through text files on the blog’s Git repository!

All of this would ideally be known to you as a writer, because supposedly you are a developer, right? Are you not? Then you can still write, ‘cos we’re not bad guys: we’ll help you shape your article into proper publication.

Read you soon!

We know there are a lot of authors just waiting to be discovered within the community. This is our way to shine a light on the professionals who live and breathe PrestaShop daily, and one way for you to give back to this Open Source project!

Thank you for your contribution!