The core product team is currently carrying out a survey oriented around the open-source project for the community.

You are many to express yourself on Slack, on the forum, or on Github about your pains and your wishes about the open-source project.

A lot of issues and suggestions are reported to the project every week. The maintainer’s team’s resources are limited, and it’s not possible to integrate all feedbacks experienced by all users.

We want to understand more about your wishes and pains in order to prioritize them.

If you have already contributed to the open-source project, in any way (pull request, bug report, suggestion of new features, participation in translations) then this survey is for you:

We encourage everyone to express themselves, not only one person by agency or company.

We look forward to your responses, before April 23, in order to be able to establish the roadmap.

We will publish the results of this survey and keep you informed of the roadmap for version