The Build devblog was started in March 2015 (and officially launched on April 3rd), as a way for the devteam to let the PrestaShop Community know about the things that we were planning. We wanted to communicate directly with the technical minds in the Community, and out of this want, this blog was born!

At first only filled with the Core Weekly reports, which were at the time published on the forums, the Build blog now shares news about the PrestaShop product, tools for contributing, and regular updates. By highlighting both the projects and community achievements (like the software translations), we keep further involving you with insights on what’s going on here.

This (almost) year of Build can be summarized in a few figures:


  • lots of new resolutions (PSR2, branching model, semantic versioning, etc.)
  • one no controversy

  • an undefined amount of beer pints

but also

  • 1124 merged pull requests (since April the 3rd)
  • and 4 releases:,, and (not counting the RCs…)

That’s a lot! Thanks to all of you who helped us during this year! :)

There are more things we’d like to share, more achievements we’d like to reach with you, and of course more news coming! Stay tuned to see what 2016 will bring and…