For those who want to dive into the new major version of PrestaShop, version 1.7, this page summarizes the available information so far – mostly published on the Build devblog, which you should read every week [:)]

Public releases:

In general, you really should pay a visit to the Build devblog on a regular basis. This is where we update the Community on the latest news from the Dev team!

Quick selection of articles about v1.7:

Articles about the new architecture:

  • New architecture initial announcement May 2015: Presenting our first architecture modernization effort, which will lead to the (pre-SemVer) major version
  • Introducing Symfony2 December 2015: The dev team has chosen to include the Symfony 2.8 framework in the new architecture for PS 1.7. The article details the integration plan.

Articles about the Starter Theme:

  • Starter Theme announcement August 2015: Launch of the Starter Theme project, which rebuilds the PrestaShop’s Theme API while offering a skeleton theme which developers will be able to use in order to create their own theme way more easily. The 1.7 default theme will be built upon this Starter Theme.
  • Project update 1 October 2015: Template inheritance, relative template path, new directory structure, widgetizable modules, use of custom Smarty plugins, deprecations (Mobile theme, Live Edit, scenes).
  • Project update 2 October 2015: Minimal CSS, product page, notifications, use of Smarty, integration tests.
  • Project update 3 December 2015: Page layout, checkout process, Payment API, layered navigation, pagination, search, contact form, cleaning (removal of Live Edit and Theme Configurator).

Articles about the new default theme:

Articles that go beyond the scope of v1.7:

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