Many “When is the next version out?” later, we are glad to tell you PrestaShop 1.7.3 is on its way, with new strings in it! A new branch (that will replace the 1.7.2) has been added to the Crowdin projects. In other words: PrestaShop 1.7.3 is now ready for translation and validation!

Because we need to translate 1.7.3 as much as possible before this new version is released, we have already opened the translation files. So it is time for us to translate, spot mistakes, validate and perhaps reorganize domains (if needed) to get an accurate and clean translation catalog for the release.

New strings

Adding new features to PrestaShop consequently amplify the number of strings in Crowdin. All the languages fully translated and approved in the 1.7.2 are now under 100% in the 1.7.3. Don’t be scared, it is logic as new strings (untranslated and unapproved) did appear. Getting back to the same rate of completion is quite easy, all we have to do is translate and validate the new strings.

Of course, as the context is not fully available because PrestaSop 1.7.3 is not out for now (but will soon be), some of these strings may appear a bit unprecised. But ask if you need explanations, we will do our best to answer your issues - and do not forget the coming soon release will allow you to check the results and make them match a more faithful translation.

Closing 1.7.2 translation project

For maintenance purpose, we’re only keeping the latest minor version active on Crowdin, besides version 1.6. We will thus be soon removing the 1.7.2 branch from Crowdin so that only branch 1.7.3 can be available for translation and validation. Until the next minor version. It means that before the end of the year, branch 1.7.2 will be deleted, only branches 1.6 and 1.7.3 will remain available in Crowdin. Get ready, folks!

Freezing strings between minor versions

We are sure you already know it but it is never useless to repeat things a bit. A new minor version is supposed to be released every three months. Or so. Between minor versions, there are patch versions. And this is the point : no new strings are added during patch versions, we only update content with major and minor versions.

Why? Because we’ve decided to bring just functional or security fixes during patch versions. Editorial or behavioral changes come with major and minor versions which are more elaborated versions introducing new features… with new strings then!

Go for it!

All this to say new strings have been added to our projects available in Crowdin. Modifications are allowed until version 1.7.3 is released. After that, we will need to wait for version 1.7.4. Let’s focus on branch 1.7.3 then, we are calling for you to help us translate and validate PrestaShop 1.7.3.