As you’ve heard, PrestaShop 1.7.1 is on its way, and with it some new strings are coming too. We’ve just updated the Crowdin project to add the strings that appeared since v1.7.0.0: PrestaShop 1.7.1 is now open for translation!

Our goal is to release PrestaShop 1.7.1 with the highest possible level of translation, therefore we’re opening the translation some time before the actual release takes place. It is possible that some strings will be updated afterward - if we spot some mistakes or add some more domains.

New domains

A couple of translation domains were added, therefore we have new folders in the project:

Domain Content
Admin.Payment.Notification Warning, error or success messages relating the payment pages (Improve > Payment).
Shop.Demo.Catalog Mainly the attributes and features of the demo products of PrestaShop.
Shop.Navigation Most of the meta titles and page names from the default theme.

If you need a reminded about what domains are for, read this article.

More modules

We’ve added domains to more modules, which adds some more strings to the project. However, do not fear, most of these modules existed in 1.6, so the translations are inherited if they existed in 1.6. It also means the Modules folder has more subfolders.

Quick reminder about the modules, these domains and the new translation system are available for native modules only. Third-party modules should still use the legacy system to be translated. Please read more about it here.

Closing 1.7.0 translation project

For maintenance purpose, we’re only keeping the latest minor version active on Crowdin. We are thus removing the 1.7.0 project from Crowdin. Only 1.7.1 will be available for translation from now on (until version 1.7.2 comes).

The 1.7.0 language packs have been updated a last time the day before yesterday (February the 21st) and will no longer be updated. New translations will be available with 1.7.1 (coming soon!).

Freezing strings between minor versions

You might have noticed that no new strings had been uploaded since the release of PrestaShop Indeed, we’ve made the choice to update both the strings and the translation only for minor versions. In between, we release patch versions, which are bringing functional or security fixes, but no editorial changes, nor new behaviors with new strings.

As mentionned above, we just published the new strings. We will allow modifications for some times before the 1.7.1 is officially released. After that we’ll have to wait for the release of 1.7.2 (planned in June) to see new strings.

Let’s get to it :)

So, well, what’s the conclusion? We’re calling for translators to help translate PrestaShop 1.7.1!