Here it is!

Prestashop Success Kid

119 days after the release of PrestaShop, and with 1,247 files changed, 57,118 lines of code added and 26,083 deleted, we are happy to release version of PrestaShop.

This version is the first step of many new cool things for the PrestaShop project, of which you will start seeing the results in the coming versions: the adoption of a SemVer-like versioning scheme, the switch to PSR-2 and the move to PHP 5.4, and the new architecture coming along nicely, of which you can see the first pass in this version. 2015 is an exciting year!

Read all about this new version of PrestaShop on the official announcement post!

Thank you to all the contributors who submitted pull requests and commits, both from within PrestaShop and from the whole community! A huge thanks to those 76 PrestaShop lovers: Adonis Karavokyros, Alessandro Corbelli, Alexandra Even, alexsimple, Antonino Di Bella, Arnaud Lemercier, Benjamin PONGY, bercik999, Bruno Desprez, Cédric Fontaine, Christophe Desbouche, Damien Metzger, Dan Hlavenka, Danoosh Mir, David-Julian BUCH, Denver Prophit Jr., Dimitrios Karvounaris, doekia, Dvir Julius, el-tenkova, Eric Rouvier, Etienne Samson, fird, Francis Ramirez, François Gaillard, François-Marie de Jouvencel, Frédéric Benoist, Germain Tenthorey (webbax), Gordon Coubrough, Grégory Roussac, Guillaume Leseur, Gytis Škėma, indesign47, Jérôme Nadaud, Jocelyn Fournier, Jonathan Danse (PrestaEdit), Jose A. Gómez, Julien Bourdeau, Julien Deniau, Julien Martin, Krystian Podemski, Ladel, Léon Fazakerley, Léo, Luc Vandesype, MaX3315, Maxime Biloé, Michel Domenjoud, Mohamed Jbel, natrim, Nicolas Sorosac, nodexpl, Olivier Bonningues, Pan Ploenes, Patrick Birnzain, Pedro J. Parra, Bjorn Kraft (PhpMadman), Rainer Schmidtt, Rémi Gaillard, Richard Le Terrier, Roland Schütz, Sacha Froment, Samy Rabih, Sébastien Monterisi, Georges Cubas, Steven Sulley, Thibaud Chauviere, Thomas Nabord, Tomáš Votruba, Vincent Augagneur, vitekj, Xavier Borderie, Xavier Gouley, zimmi1, and

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